A string (like a guitar string) you can strike with your controller or hit with marbles to make sound.

A simulation or e.g. a guitar string with a natural sound. Can interact with other kinetic object such as your controller or marbles. Changes its sound subtly depending on where you hit it.

Inputs, output and other parts

Sustain (knob) Controls for how long the string will ring out when struck (in seconds).

Sustain (jolt input) Send a jolt to set the sustain of the string (in seconds).

String (interactive) Strike or hit with a marble to make sound

Length (interactive) Use the trigger button and push/pull to change the length/pitch of the string.

Pitch (jolt input) Send a MIDI note (e.g. from a keyboard) to set the pitch of the string.

Output (stream output) Sends out the sound of the string. Will mute the string when plugged in.